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Angry Status, Angry SMS, Angry Quotes, Angry
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When You Stopped Believing In Me, I Did Too.
Anger Is Never Without A Reason, But Seldom With A Good One.
You Can't Trust Anybody These Days..You Think You Have A Good Friend Till You Turn Around And Realize They Have The Knife 6 Inches Deep In Your Back. 
I Have Got Plenty To Say. Don’t Tell Me How To Live My Life, I Do Things My Way.
A Man Is About As Big As The Things That Make Him Angry.
That Annoying Moment When You Show Someone A Picture On Your Phone, And They Start Scrolling Through The Rest.
The Angry Man Always Thinks He Can Do More Than He Can. 
An angry man opens his mouth and closes his eyes.
No Matter How Long You Know Someone, They Eventually Show Their True Colours. 
Do Not Think About My Attitude And Personality.
Don’t Get Mad - Just Get Even.
You Can Not Make Someone Love You. You Can Only Stalk Them And Hope For The Best.
Don’t Chat With Me Just When You’re Bored. Bitch Please. My Name Is Not Adam Lambert. I’m Not Here For Your Entertainment.
Some people pretend to care, so they can get a good place to see your fight. Helping one another is not always helpful.
For Every Minute You Are Angry. You Lose Sixty Seconds Of Happiness. Think About It.
By God, There’s A Lot To Make You Angry.
Don’t Put Words Into My Mouth.
Some People Never Realize The Emotional And Mental Damage They Do To Others.
Knows There’s A Name For People Like You.
It Takes A Lot Of Energy To Get Angry. I Don’t Care To Use My Energy That Way.
People Won't Have Time For You If You Are Always Angry Or Complaining.
Two Things To Remember, Don’t Make Decisions When You’re Angry And Don’t Make Promises When You’re Happy.
A Man Is Not Evil, But If You Want To See Evil Than Meet Me.
Never Make Yourself Feel Like Nothing To Make Someone Else Feel Like Everything.
Anger Cannot Be Dishonest.
If U R Right, Then There Is No Need To Get Angry & If U R Wrong, Then U Don't Have Any Right To Be Angry. 
To Be Angry Is To Revenge The Faults Of Others On Ourselves. 
Never worry about causing you to smile at once.
Don’t Get Mad, Smile And Creep Them Out Instead.
May Kill You In The Morning?
Never Go To Bed Angry, Stay Up And Fight. 
What Goes Around Comes Around. That’s What People Say. So All The Pain You Caused Me Will Come Back To You Someday.
You Think That You Have Damaged Me But Really You Just Made Me That Much More Stronger Thank You.
Don’t Be So Happy, I Don’t Really Forgive People, I Just Pretend Like It’s Ok And Waits For My Turn To Destroy Them.
Angry? Take A Deep Breath Before You Speak, Because You’re Mouth Acts Quicker Than Your Brain.
People Are Unjust To Anger It Can Be Enlivening And A Lot Of Fun. 
Anger Makes Dull Men Witty, But It Keeps Them Poor. 
I think I hate it. Ignoring! If you no longer want to talk to me, let's stop by stopping Bush.
It Doesn’t Matter Where You Came From. All That Matters Is Where You Are Going.
Do you ever want to reach out and express passion?
Strong guy is not a good wrestler, When angry a strong man controls himself.
Your Mistake Is Letting Me Go, My Mistake Was Letting You In.
All Angry Persons Are To Be Treated, By The Prudent, As Children.
I Don’t Have A Short Temper I Just Have A Low Tolerance For Stupidity, Immaturity, And Ignorance.
I Text You Because I Want To Have A Conversation With You. Not To Get One Word Answers.
Anger Is An Acid That Can Do More Harm To The Vessel In Which It Is Stored Than To Anything On Which It Is Poured. 
Don't Make So Many Promises When You Can't Even Keep One. 
When We Don’t Know Who To Hate, We Hate Ourselves.
People change the alteration of changes that make changes, but life continues.
An annoying person after anger is one of the biggest shame that a person can experience.
No one is angry with you, and you decide to use anger in response.
When You Are Angry, You’re Text Speed Increases By A Ridiculous Amount.
Anger Always Comes From Frustrated Expectations.
I'm leaving my silence, I do not want to argue with people I do not want to understand.
Anger Is Only One Letter Short Of Danger.
Don't Chat With Me Just When You're Bored. Bitch Please. My Name Is Not Adam Lambert. I'm Not Here For Your Entertainment. 
Anger Is A Great Force. If You Control It, It Can Be Transmuted Into A Power Which Can Move The Whole World.
Actions Speak Louder Than Words, Your Words Don’t Mean Anything To Me When Your Actions Are Telling Me Different.
Holding On To Anger Is Like Grasping A Hot Coal With The Intent Of Throwing It At Someone Else; You Are The One Who Gets Burned. 
Do you ever want someone to get stupid out
Extremism Thrives Amid Ignorance And Anger, Intimidation And Cowardice. 
Talk when you are angry and you can enjoy the good words.
Beware, I'm not in my mood today.
Go Ahead, Judge Me. Just Remember To Be Perfect For The Rest Of Your Life.
Anger Is Not Bad. Anger Can Be A Very Positive Thing, The Thing That Moves Us Beyond The Acceptance Of Evil.
If you feel that you can influence me, I assure you that nothing of my ambition does turn out to be about me.
I Wouldn’t Have To Manage My Anger If People Could Learn To Manage Their Stupidity.
Is Getting Close To Just Walking Away?
I’m The Person That The More You Complain About Me, The Harder I’ll Try To Annoy You.
If I do not like anyone, I do not care that I have not put everyone on earth to entertain.
My Biggest Regret Is Trusting People Who Could Never Be Trusted In The First Place. They Were The Biggest Waste Of Time Ever. 
Everything except everything is expensive, and they are cheap.
Some friends like coins. Two face and frivolous.
Bullshit Might Get You To The Top, But It Won’t Keep You There.
There Are No Words To Describe The Anger And Frustration That I Am Feeling Right Now.
Don't Put Words Into My Mouth. I Have Got Plenty To Say. Don't Tell Me How To Live My Life, I Do Things My Way.
Feelings Are Much Like Waves, We Can’t Stop Them From Coming But We Can Choose Which Ones To Surf.
It's nice to have loved one person yet, but you want to use them.
Anger Is Our Natural Defence Against Pain. So When I Say, I Hate You - It Really Means You Hurt Me.
You have a problem with me. I'm sure the Facebook status will not be fixed.
If You Want To Hear The Whole Truth About Yourself, Make Your Neighbours Angry.
Never Get Into Fights With Ugly People, They Have Nothing To Lose.
Sometimes I’m Just Not In The Mood To Talk.
I told you not to lie, so why did not you tell the truth?
If You Are Patient In One Moment Of Anger, You Will Escape A Hundred Days Of Sorrow.
Whatever Is Begun In Anger Ends In Shame?
Sometimes Hearing The Music Is Just The Best Way To Ignore The World.
Anger As Soon As Fed Is Dead, This Starving Makes It Fat.
Definition: Thanks for the experience. Our time has expired. Exit my life now.
Anger Dwells Only In The Bosom Of Fools. 
Angry Status For Whatsapp In English,Anger Status,Angry SMS Text
Anger Blows Out The Lamp Of The Mind.
Anger makes your mind more rapidly to your mouth.
Silence Is The Best Way To React While Angry.
It is better to cry than to anger because anger can hurt others, tears flow through the soul silently and cleanse the heart.
If You Kick A Stone In Anger, You'll Hurt Your Own Foot. 
Do not do anything when you're patient, and you're all wrong.
For Every Minute You Remain Angry, You Give Up Sixty Seconds Of Peace Of Mind.
I may be calm, but I'll kill you five times in my head.
Sometimes patience saves thousands of sad moments in anger.
Singing, you know that if you are angry and it can hit their face.
Anger Ventilated Often Hurries Toward Forgiveness, And Concealed Often Hardens Into Revenge.  
Anger At Lies Lasts Forever. Anger At Truth Can’t Last.
Don’t Try To Please Other People If In The End, You Know It Won’t Work.
Sometimes you feel that the middle finger is not enough to know someone. That is why you have two hands.
Anger Is Fear In Disguise.
Humour Is Almost Always Anger With Its Makeup On. 
Attitude And Personality Are Two Different Things.
I’ve Tried And Tried And Now I Give Up. I Refuse To Be The Perfect Friend To People That Can’t Treat Me With The Same Respect.
The fool gives his anger to the full door, but the wise keep it in control.
Do not make many promises when you do not save one.
He That Would Be Angry And Sin Not, Must Not Be Angry With Anything But Sin.
If I Delete Your Number, You’re Basically Deleted From My Life.
Go to an angry bed, be careful and give your revenge.
Loving Someone Who Loves Someone Else Hurts. But What Hurts More Is The Fact That They Lied And Told You They Loved You. 
It Sucks When You Realize You Rejected Other People For That One Person Who Wasted Your Time.
I will not delete you or block you. I'm keeping you there, so how happy I am with you.
To Be Angry Is To Let Others Mistakes Punish Yourself. To Forgive Others Is To Be Good To Yourself.
Anger makes you smaller but apologizes for you to grow beyond what you need.
May I Kill You In The Morning?
Some should open their minds instead of their big mouth.
Just Because I’m Being Quiet, That Doesn’t Mean I’m Mad.
If you want to talk behind my back, I will not smile on my face.
Anger Is Temporary Madness.
Anger Begins With Folly And Ends With Repentance. 
Anger Repressed Can Poison A Relationship As Surely As The Cruellest Words.


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