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A Lawyer Is A Person Who Writes A 10,000-Word Document And Calls It A "Brief.
Lawyers Are Just Like Physicians: What One Says, The Other Contradicts.
I Busted A Mirror And Got Seven Years Bad Luck, But My Lawyer Thinks He Can Get Me Five.
It Is The Trade Of Lawyers To Question Everything, Yield Nothing, And Talk By The Hour.
You Cannot Live Without The Lawyers, And Certainly, You Cannot Die Without Them.
Lawyers Are The Only Persons In Whom Ignorance Of The Law Is Not Punished.
God Works Wonders Now And Then: Behold! A Lawyer And An Honest Man!
The Minute You Read Something That You Can't Understand, You Can Almost Be Sure That It Was Drawn Up By A Lawyer. 
Lawyers Are Men Who Will Swear Black Is White.
The Good Lawyer Is Not The Man Who Has An Eye To Every Side And Angle Of Contingency, And Qualifies All His Qualifications, But Who Throws Himself On Your Part So Heartily, That He Can Get You Out Of A Scrape.
The Power Of The Lawyer Is In The Uncertainty Of The Law.
Good Lawyers Know The Law. Great Lawyers Know The Judge.
The Lawyer's Truth Is Not Truth, But Consistency Or A Consistent Expediency.
The Only Man In Whom Ignorance Of The Law Is Not Punished.
The Doctor Sees All The Weakness Of Mankind; The Lawyer All The Wickedness, The Theologian All The Stupidity.
A Lawyer Will Do Anything To Win A Case, Sometimes He Will Even Tell The Truth.
Lawyers Know Life Practically. A Bookish Man Should Always Have Them To Converse.
Make Crime Pay. Become A Lawyer.
You Advised Him Not To Get A Lawyer, Giving As One Of Your Reasons The Opinion That Lawyers Are A Pain In The Ass. Gentlemen, The Pain Is Here.
Lawyers Are Merchants Of Misery.
I Was Half Lawyer; I Always Noticed The Loopholes
If There Were No Bad People There Would Be No Good Lawyers.
Discipline Is Part Of My Professional Training As A Lawyer.
Politicians Were Mostly People Who'd Had Too Little Morals And Ethics To Stay Lawyers.
I Don't Think You Can Make A Lawyer Honest By An Act Of Legislature. You've Got To Work On His Conscience. And His Lack Of Conscience Is What Makes Him A Lawyer.
We Are All Honorable Men Here, We Do Not Have To Give Each Other Assurances As If We Were Lawyers.
A Lawyer With His Briefcase Can Steal More Than A Hundred Men With Guns.
The Minute You Read Something That You Can't Understand, You Can Almost Be Sure That It Was Drawn Up By A Lawyer.
Lawyers Are Operators Of Toll Bridges Which Anyone In Search Of Justice Must Pass.
I Don't Like Lawyers, Nannie." "No One Likes Lawyers, Little Boy.
For Me, Being A Lawyer Means To Help Those In Need.
I Have A Loyalty That Runs In My Bloodstream, When I Lock Into Someone Or Something, You Can't Get Me Away From It Because I Commit That Thoroughly. That's In Friendship, That's A Deal, That's A Commitment. Don't Give Me Paper - I Can Get The Same Lawyer Who Drew It Up To Break It. But If You Shake My Hand, That's For Life.


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