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Tying knot with someone? Umm or maybe you’ve just done it! Now it’s time to look for Marriage Status For WhatsApp. That’ll be a purely wonderful idea. How joyous it’ll be for your friends to know that you’re not single anymore? Let’s put a beautiful and lovely Best Wedding Status For Marriage Status. Marriage Status is more sacred unlike any other commitment that a person will have, it takes a real man and a patient woman to make the Marriage Status work and last. A successful Marriage Status is not guaranteed by how grand and splendid your wedding was, rather a well-balanced combination of love, trust, respect, and loyalty is the key and of course, it is the husband’s and wife’s choices as well. Marriage Status is a lovely and wonderful journey for both people who are in love and who chose to be together.
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A wedding is a start of togetherness… of walks in the rain, basking in the sunshine, shared meals, caring for one another and sensing the love that a marriage carries.
If you feel hollow, let me be the one, who fills You up with Love. Let me free the butterflies within. Just open your heart, and let me in.
Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who wants to live in an institution? Happy Married Life!
My marriage is on the rocks again yeah, my wife just broke up with her boyfriend.
May there be a generation of children, on the children of your children.
So heavy is the chain of wedlock that it needs two to carry it, and sometimes three.
Most wonderful marriages begin with love at first sight.
The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, at this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised.
True love is spending one day getting married… and the rest of your life feeling glad you did.
Marriage is a mistake every man should make. Best Wishes on your Marriage.
Marriage, truth to say is evil, but a necessary evil.
To our wives and lovers…may they never meet!
The difference between an ordinary marriage and an extraordinary marriage is in giving just a little ‘extra’ every day, as often as possible, for as long as we both shall live
If you want to tour marriage to be successful, you must give everything you’ve got to the same person each day.
Falling in love is super easy. The hardest part is to find that very special someone who will catch you and hold on to you dear.
Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning.
May we never forget what is worth remembering or remember what is best forgotten. Happy Married Life…
Marriage is useful for soothing sensuality. It’s useless for soothing love.
It’s not what I feel for you. It’s what I do not feel for anyone. but you!
Marriage is like an ice cream. It is sweet, and firm first then starts to melt towards the end.
We call marriage successful if a wealthy man married a beautiful and rich girl.
Marriage is a short rest between romances.
In a few years, priests will say, you may now change your relationship status to husband and wife.
Love one another and you will be happy. It’s as simple and as difficult as that.
Don’t stop loving your spouse today and every day for life is uncertain and we would not know if we still have a chance when tomorrow comes.
Love-matches are made by people who are content, for a month of honey, to condemn them to a life of vinegar.
Marriage is three parts loves and seven parts forgiveness of sins.
I chose my wife, as she did her wedding gown, for qualities that would wear well.
Many marriages are simply working partnerships between businessmen and housekeepers.
It takes an extraordinary couple to have an extraordinary marriage. Sometimes a little extra is all it takes to make a huge difference.
Those who choose marriage of convenience at least have a reasonable excuse.
My father always wanted to be the corpse at every funeral, the bride at every wedding, and the baby at every christening.
I was incomplete without you. I thank God that we met, and we are together now.
A happy man marries the girl he loves. A happier man loves the girl he marries.
If I ever marry, it will be on an impulse – as a man shoots himself.
Marriage is like a hot soup. Once you get used to it, after a while it’s not so hot.
All blissful marriages start when we marry our special someone and it flourishes when we love the ones we chose to marry.
Watch your wedding video in reverse You’ll love the part where you walk back down the easily out the door into the car and bugger off with your mates
The day we say I DO will be the greatest day of my life.
It’s what I did not feel for anyone… but you!
A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.
I was incomplete without you. I thank God that we met, and we are together now.
 A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.
Marriage puts a ring on a woman's finger and two under the man's eyes.
Loving their mother unconditionally is the most priceless gift a father can give to his children.
Marriage must constantly fight against a monster which devours everything: routine.
Congratulations! God bless you today and for the rest of your married livesIt’s not what I feel for you.
Compliment on your wedding! Let love never leaves your house and happiness stays with you forever!
I am in a very happy space. It’s a new beginning. Everything changes after marriage. You become a man. You feel responsible.
As the trees burst into color and the autumnal season arrives we pledge our faith, our love, and our lives.
May the joys you share today, be the beginning of a lifetime of great happiness and fulfillment. happy married life!!
Marriage based on common sense and mutuality is one of the greatest things of life.
Marriage is a short break between novels.
Always put a great amount of effort in all you do inside your marriage because nothing great is obtained by mediocrity.
Let good luck and understanding stay with you forever! Happy wedding day!
If two good people like each other’s company, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be together.
Marriage is perfect for lovers and suitable for the saints.
A man is truly ready to be in a marriage if he finally knows how to say sorry even without knowing the reason why.
occurrences and none of the occurrences as catastrophes.
I am grateful that you are the one who will fill the gaps in my life.
Marriage carries a unique kind of love only to be understood by married people.
The bride, n. A woman with a fine prospect behind her.
A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband.
It doesn’t matter where or how two people meet. What matters is if two people connect. And I got that feeling with her.
Never strike your wife – even with a flower
You will only have a successful marriage once you learned how to treat all catastrophes as Kissing each other at night before going to bed will sure make a big difference in a marriage.
Marriages are made in heaven, but so are thunder and lightning
It’s easy to fall in love. The hard part is finding someone to catch you.
The love inside the marriage knows no boundaries.
A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.
I wish you to live in peace and in the perfect union at least till your golden jubilee!
Marriage is a ghastly public confession of a strictly private intention.
A successful marriage does not have a perfect couple who became one; instead, it has two completely imperfect couple who also chose to become one then work out their differences and imperfections.
Marriage is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance and whose ending is Eternity.
I hope and wish that the moment we both say I do will remain the greatest moment of our lives.
I was incomplete without you. I thank God that we met, and we are together now.
I love the fact that I go back home to a normal person.
Violence will cause any marriage to fall apart.
The most dangerous food a man can eat is wedding cake!!! Happy Wedding Wishes.
I believe that marriage should not be public. It’s an about two persons, nobody else.
Marriage is not a word. It is a sentence – a life sentence.
Before the priest will say I now enunciate you, husband and wife, you may now kiss the bride. In a few more years the priest will already say I now enunciate you, husband and wife, you may now update your respective Facebook status from single to married.
The secret on how to be a perfectly good husband is by agreeing and saying yes to whatever your wife wants and says.
Marriage halves our grief, doubles our joys, and quadruples our expenses.
Marriage is composed of a woman who is always right in everything and all things and the other one is a husband.
The fact that we see so few successful marriages shows the value and importance of marriage.
Husbands are like fires. They go out when unattended.
The best time to love with your whole heart is always now, at this moment, because no breath beyond the current is promised
Whenever you think that your marriage is about to fall apart, remembered how much you love each other and things will be all right sooner just hold on to each other.
Hope you and your spouse loved these wedding status for WhatsApp. You must’ve began to receive countless wishes now. Have a wonderful life ahead! Stay tuned for more Our collection of marriage status will truly bring and add an extra sunshine to all the married couples out there, even to those who are still planning or about to get married. If you are Feeling happy in your Marriage Status and you, want to share your happiness with your friends. So this New Status & Quotes write some Unique Marriage Status Status and Quotes for whatsapp and facebook. Pick one of the best from all these Wedding Status and Quotes and share this Unique Marriage Status to your friends.


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