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I Have A Quandary. My Quandary Is Love And... My Solution Is You. 
Hershey's Make Millions Of Delectable Kisses Each Day. But It Pales In Comparison To The Taste Of You.
Arrange Espousement These Days Is The Acquiescent Between Two Broken Hearts.
A Girl Jogging In The Park Avails At Least 5 Boys To Be Fit And In Shape.
Worked On Fine Leg. 
Turn On Your Hotspot
If Osculating Is The Language Of Love, Then We Have A Lot To Verbalize About.
Babies Are So Fortuitous. They Can Slumber All Day Still Everyone Dotes Them.
Do You Ever Optically Canvass Your Friends And Celebrate 'Why The Hell Aren't We Comedians? '
When I Am Home Alone, Every Noise I Aurally Perceive Is A Serial Killer.
How Come Erroneous Numbers Are Never Diligent?
I Like It Rough. 
I Detest When Ex's Verbalize. I Am Here If You Require Me. Like..? Where Were You? When We Were Together And I Needed You?
Baby, Are You Hungry?
I Had A Stressful Day Today, Want To Avail Me Unwind? Anytime, Anyplace. Are You Game? 
Liberation Of Verbalization Is Disoriented When You Get Into A Relationship And She Is Resplendent. 
The Best Feeling In The World Is When Someone You Detest Tells A Jest And Nobody Laughs :)
Dance In Slow Kineticism.
Are You Going To Osculate Me Or Do I Have To Prevaricate To My Diary? :)
My Data-Plan Is Illimitable. 
When I Optically Discern You, I Miss Your Smile. When I Visually Perceive Your Smile, I Miss Your Hug. When You Hug Me, I Optate Your Osculation. Oh, I'm Just So Crazy About You.!
If Your Age Was To Be Resolute By The 2 Last Digits Of Your Phone Number, How Old Will You Be? 
Wanna Go Slumber Early?
Your Taste Still Lingers On My Lips, Like I've Just Placed Them Upon Yours, And Still I Starve For You!
Shhhhhhhh Everyone Around Me Is In A Relationship And I Am Just Here With My Laptop And Whatsapp.
I Would Rather Have Taken One Breath Of Your Skin, One Kiss From Your Lips, One Touch Of Your Hand, Than Spend Perpetuity Without You. 
Why Do I Fall In Love With People Who Are All Yare Taken Or Have Feelings For Someone Else? 
Locked At 30 Frames.
Love Never Dies. Only The Doter Changes.
The Way You Stroke Me, Gets To Me Every Single Time. Your Hands In My Hair, Your Fingers Gliding Over My Skin. You're Way Of Feeling Me All Over. I Feel You. I'm Addicted...All In.
You, Me And Exercise ;)
Anyone Can Be Passionate, But It Takes Authentic Doters To Be Silly.
Being In A Relationship Is A Full-Time Job, Don't Apply If You're Not Yare To Commit.
The Fragrance - Of Your Skin Is Sweeter To Me Than The Perfumes Of A Million Roses...
I Detest How Chocolates Immediately Melt On My Fingers. I Mean, Am I That Sultry?
People Verbalize Nothing's Infeasible, But I Do Nothing Every day.
When My Day Commences, You're My Inspiration. Optically Discerning Your Face Glow, Is My Nicest Hello. And When You Osculate And Caress Me, And Make Love To My Mind. I Can't Get Enough. I'm So Ecstatic That You're Mine.
I Don't Make Mistakes, I Just Date Them.
I'll Osculate You On The Rain So You Get Twice As Wet.
Shake Well Afore Use.
Let's Play Something Multi-Player.
Your Lips Look So Solitary. Would They Relish To Meet Mine?
When A Bird Hits Your Window Have You Ever Wondered If God Is Playing Irate Birds With You? 
I'll Show You Mine If You'll Show Me Yours.
You Are Gorgeous All Over, Your Body, Your Face, Your Smile, Your Personality, Most Importantly, Your Heart.
Boys Celebrate Of Girls Just Like Books, If The Cover Doesn't Catch Their Ocular Perceiver, They Won't Bother To Read What's Inside. 
I Dote Your Lips When They're Wet With Wine And Red With Malevolent Desire.
If There's One Thing I Detest The Most, Its Optically Discerning Lamentable Things Transpire To Good People. 
Your Bed, My Bed
You Don't Have To Be Crazy To Hang Out With Me. I'll Train You. Make Your Appointment Today. 
Wanna Endeavor My Handcuffs?
Just Culminated Effacing Some Friends On Facebook, If You Can Read This Then You Got Fortuitous.
Pull Down To Refresh. 
I Update My Bank Account Refilled As Expeditious As My Laundry Basket.
My Phone Is Like My Doter. Its The Last Thing I Visually Perceive At Night, And The First Thing I Arouse To Every Morning.
Kisses Blown Are Kisses Wasted, Kisses Are Not Kisses Unless They Are Tasted.
I Don't Care If You Celebrate I'm Crazy. Life Is Too Short To Be Mundane. 
Smile Is The Second Best Thing You Can Do With Your Lips.
I'm A Loaded Gun. 
I Ken I'm Crazy. Don't Ruin My Moment.
Massage With Ecstatic Ending.
Kisses Spread Germs And Germs Are Abhorred, But Anyhow You Can Osculate Me Baby I Am Vaccinated. 
Your Attire Are Making Me Uncomfortable Please Take Them Off.
Determinately 21, And Licitly Capable Of Doing Everything I've Been Doing Since 15.
That Inelegant Moment When You Are Visually Examining A Movie With Your Dad And A Love Scene Comes On.
A Plethora Of Men And Women Would Rather Stay Single Because They Are Tired Of Giving Their Everything And Ending Up With Nothing.
I'm Shy At First, But Once I'm Comfortable With You Get Yare For Some Crazy Shit.
People Never Recollect The Million Times You Avail Them, Only The One Time You Don't.
Hey Time, Decelerate. You're Killing Me. 
Sometimes I Wonder How Many Miles I Have Scrolled My Mouse Wheel.
I Cant Taste My Lips Could You Do It For Me.

You've Engulfed My Senses With The Essence Of You. I Dote Your Body. I Dote Physically Contacting It, Caressing It, Licking It, And Tasting It. I Dote The Smell, The Heat, And The Texture Of You. 

    Hot Whatsapp Jokes

    Jungle Me Ek Shikari Ko Shikar Ni Mila To Wo Muth
    Marne Baith Gya.
    Ek Sher Ne Ye Dekha To Bhagte Huye Sare Janwaro
    Se Bola Jisko Apni Jaan Pyari Hain Bhaag Jao.
    Lomdi Boli Kya Hua?
    Sher Bola Main Ek Se Ek Shikari Dekhe Pr Aisa
    Shikari Nhi Dekha Jo Itni Chhoti Gun Ko 60-70 Dafa
    Load Kr Chuka Ho
    Pta Ni Sala Kane Fire Krega.
    Teacher: What Is The Opposite Of Laugh…?
    Boy Ans: SEX
    Teacher: How?
    Boy: Laugh Is – Haa Haa Haa Haa Haa
    Sex Is – Aah Aah Aah Aah Aah..
    What's The Difference Between A 'Boot' And
    Boot Accepts Only One Size, Whereas A Choot
    Accepts All Sizes!
    Santa-Helmetk Upar Se Apna Sar Khujla Rha Tha..
    Wife-Aji Helmet Toh Utaar Lo
    Santa-Bahnchod Teri Gand Me Khujli Hoti H
    Toh Kya Shalwar Uttar Deti Hai.

    Santa Ek Ladki Ke Saath Sex Kar Raha Tha
    Achanak Hi Santa Ne Pucha.
    Santa To Girl: “ Do U Have Aids? ”
    Girl: “ No ”
    Santa: “ Bhagwan Ka Shukar Hai, Main Nahi
    Chahta Ki Mujhe Dobara Aids Ho Jaye. “
    Ladka Ladki Ko Pataa Ke Car
    Mein Jungle Le Gaya.
    Ladke Ne
    Sex Karna Shuru Kiya Toh
    Ladki Boli:
    "Mein Bataana Bhool Gayi Ki
    Mein Prostitute Hun Aur Ek
    Baar Ke 500 Leti Hun." Ladke Ne Majboori Mein Paise
    Diye Aur Thoka. Thokne Ke
    Baad Ladka Cigarette Peene
    Ladki- Chalo Na Wapas Nahi
    Jaana Kya?
    "Ladka-Mein Bataana Bhool
    Gaya Tha Ki Mein Taxi Driver
    Hun Aur Yaha Se Shahar Ke 800 Leta Hun."
    Moral-Thokne Se Pahle Bhale
    Boys Lund Se Sochte Hain Par Thorne K Baad Dimaag Se Hi
    Kaam Lete Hain..!!


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