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Ugadi Wishes Status Greetings Quotes Messages SMS For Whatsapp 2018

Happy Ugadi Whatsapp Status and Wishes

Happy Ugadi 2018 Ugadi marks the first day of the New Year, and the term Ugadi is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuga,” which means age and “adi” which means beginning. Ugadi is also known as Vikram Samvat or Bhartiya Nav Varsh in some parts of India. While people in Andhra Pradesh call their new year as Ugadi, people in Karnataka call their new year as Yugadi. The festival is also called as “the beginning of a new age.” We wish You Happy Ugadi to all the Members. Ugadi is Telugu States Festival Which Celebrates on March 28th & 29th, 2018. People can Share their Ugadi Wishes, Ugadi Wallpapers, Pics, Greetings SMS to their Loved ones i.e Relatives, Friends. On this day, Ugadi Pachhadi is Very important to taste it. Along with Ugadi SMS, Messages &  Whatsapp Status Dp for Android and desktop is here. Download Free Ugadi Pictures for Facebook & Whatsapp in Hindi, English, Telugu Languages Here.Ugadi Wishes in English : We shared a list of Ugadi Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Facebook Messages & Images to Wish Happy Ugadi 2018 to your loved ones. Happy Ugadi 2018 to everyone!


U – Ultimate

G – Glorious

A – Amazing

D – Days r

I – in front of U

  • May This Ugadi be as witty as ever.May this Ugadi procure pleasure,euphoria and opulence to u.May the festal of lights improve up your living.
  • Make your animation more fair.. Engender unspent aspirations.. Aim for more sizably voluminous goals.. And impediment the Lord succor u execute them. Have a prosperous Ugadi!
  • Hope Jubilance Abundance Delight Fulfillment Prosperity Those are my imprecate for you this Ugadi. Have a beatified Ugadi!
  • May Ugadi mirthful be the invent of your jubilant and prosperous vigor. I imprecate you all the cull this year! Wishing you a very Blissful Ugadi!
  • Ugadi import.. Incipient Life Incipient Hope Incipient Aspirations Incipient Commencement Let`s become each age Ugadi
  • Wishing you a felicitous and propitious Ugadi May this year procure you destiny of bliss and energy.HAPPY UGADI!
  • I optate that Ugadi Festival convey in Abundance, Prosperity and Good Fortune for you. Have a portentous and blissful Ugadi!
  • Moments we have spawned together are in my mind unchangeably Wishing you a apt Ugadi full with laugher and animation.
  • Sending you my warmest long this Ugadi May this year be the alarm of more propitious animation Wishing you all the cull, Jubilant Ugadi!
  • God has a appropriate project For each and everyone I am praying that our device pair As Ugadi has honest begun. ***HAPPY UGADI***
  • This Ugadi, I recommend u to have a renovated year full with gigglement, delight and performance. May the pick requite of spirit be with u.”HAPPY UGADI”.
  • Laugh, caper and bless God For vigor is a crooked of diversion This Ugadi I am praying for You and each of your expensive one Happy Ugadi
  • One obsolete year gone One renovated year comes It occur so And it will always be so But you can cause it a correct one Happy Ugadi.
  • The gift of God be on you Enjoy the gladness of ancient and untried Successful beginnings and happines too There are my Ugadi imprecate for you!!
  • May the gloom decrease hence and Life expound your moving, Let diversion and delectate fill your person Wish you an Ugadi full of swing music!

 Happy Ugadi Whatsapp  Shayari

May this Ugadi bring you new spirit
new beginning
and new prosperity
Wishing you a very happy Ugadi!

Bevu Bellagalante
Bereyaly Nohu Nalivu
Halu Jenu beretante
Badhukina Yella
Novu Maretante!

"U" thsavam
"G" owravam
"A" anandam
"D" hanam
"I" shwaryam
"UGADI" Shrikara Nama Samvatsra Shubhakankshalu!
Memories of moments celebrated together...

Moments those have been attached in my heart, forever...

Make me Miss You even more this Ugadi.

Hope this Ugadi brings in Good Fortune & Abounding Happiness for you!

HAPPY Ugadi!

This Ugadi, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji's trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse.

Happy Ugadi!

U - Ultimate
G - Glorious
A - Amazing
D - Days r
I - in front of U
'Telugu samvatsaradi "UGAADI" subhakankshalu"

One year gone
One New Year comes
It happened so
And it'll always be so
But you can make it a better one
Happy Ugadi

Yugadiya Bannagalu Baraly
He Varusha Nimma Bhalali
Masadiraly Yendendigu
He Hrudaya Rangoli
Ugadi Subakankshalu

 Happy Ugadi Whatsapp Messages And Quotes

  • Miles discretely but U R always in my soul. Sending U clear unaccustomed year greetings & wishing that Mystical enchantments to be wid U now & always. Ecstatic Ugadi!
  • Recollections of moments distinguished together……. Moments that have been affixed in my feeling, unchangeably……. Make me Miss You even more this Ugadi. Hope this Ugadi convey in Good Fortune & Abounding Bliss for you! ECSTATIC Ugadi
  • May this Ugadi convey exultation, lucidity and riches to you.
  • Moments we have shotten together are in my spirit aeonianly Wishing you a yare Ugadi full with sport her and geniality.
  • Fortuitous is the one who has literate to Venerate, but not to hate. Good Wishes for a charming Ugadi and a Blissful Incipient Year with a abundance of Placidity and Prosperity.Best request on Ugadi and Incipient year.
  • The bald mangoes, margosa and jaggery show the dulcet, currish and stinging taster of world. May the savor of Ugadi fill your world in the complaisant year!
  • May you have a year clear as the sunshine, odorous as the flush and fragrant as the melleous! Wish you a prosperous and auxiliary Ugadi!
  • Recollections of moments noted together… Moments those have been annexed in my mind, always… Make me Miss You even more this Ugadi. Hope this Ugadi carry in Good Fortune & Abounding Bliss for you! BLISSFUL Ugadi!
  • Recollections of moments renowned together… Moments those have been annexed in my stoutheartedness, 4ever… Make me Miss
  • May This Ugadi be as illustrious as ever. May this Ugadi cause mirth, rejuvenate and affluence to you. May the mirthful of lights elucidate you and your intimate and costly once living
  • May this Ugadi fetch you recent fire, unaccustomed inception and untried thriving. Wishing you a very auspicious Ugadi!
  • May the festive of lights enliven up you and your familiar and doter once alive
  • May This Ugadi be as splending as ever. May this Ugadi bear felicity, haleness and good to you. May the mirthful of lights enliven up you and your familiar and doter once alive
  • Kokilammala kuthalathoMavikommala puthalathoVachindi ugadiNeeku techenduku santhoshala nidhiUgadi shubakanshalu.
  • Ugadi… The mirthful of festivity and overflow…The jumpstart of the splending and contenting energy… May your soul be plenary with tenderness and performance this Ugadi!
  • May this Ugadi cause in you the most effulgent and choicest bliss and pet you have ever longing fo.r May this Ugadi carry you the greatest in stop and weal. May lights exultation over dimness. May concord surpass the burrow. Ecstatic Ugadi!
  • Another unpracticed: unutilized unworn year is here…Anodar year to dwell! To expatriate chafe, vacillate, & alarm, to relish, gurgle & give…Happy Ugadi!
  • Recollections of moments renowned together……. Moments that have been affixed in my inspirit, always……. Make me Miss You even more this Ugadi. Hope this Ugadi convey in Good Fortune & Abounding Bliss for you! JUBILANT Ugadi
  • U, even more, this Ugadi. Hope this Ugadi procure in Good 4tune & Abounding Ecstasy 4 U! BLISSFUL Ugadi!
  • Wid a simper & an intrepidity of benefaction a discernment of humankind a earnest to publish stop & felicity. Blissful Ugadi!
  • May this Ugadi convey in u the most most effulgent and choicest bliss and pet you have ever Wished for. May this Ugadi adduce you the extreme in concord and bliss. May lights hymn over maleficence. May en surpass the country. May the geniality of subsistence enlightened the mankind. May the esse that we jubilize at Ugadi show us the street …

Happy Ugadi Whatsapp DP(Display Pictures)

<img src=”” alt=”  Ugadi Wishes Status Greetings Quotes Messages SMS For Whatsapp 2018”/>
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