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HELLOO Friends Today I'm Sharing Here A Large Collection Of Life Whatsapp Status With You. In Everyone’s Life Ups & Downs Comes. In That Some People Like To Use Whatsapp Status To Show Their Feelings. Here We Have Given A Unique Collection Of Life Whatsapp Status.I Am Sharing With You The Best Whatsapp Status About Life.There Are Million Of Whatsapp User Who Like To Update Status About Life.From Our Site You Can Get Best Top And Popular Whatsapp Status About Life.We Can Also Provide Unique Whatsapp Status.You Can Get Happy Life And Sad Life Whatsapp Status In Hindi Punjabi And English Language.
Dear My Life, A Pause Button Would Be Greatly Appreciated!

Life Is Like A Roller Coaster It Has Its Ups N Downs,

Sometimes Life Just Seems Akin To Chapters. Some Good,

The Best Revenge Is Living A Prosperous, Good Life, And Just Being Blissful.

They Verbally Express Life Gets Preponderant. When?

Let God Deal With The Things They Do, Because Hate In Your Heart Will Consume You Adscititiously.

More Consequential Then Need.

Life Is Always About Ups And Downs. You Won’t Always Be At The Top, But You Won’t Always Be At The Bottom Adscititiously.

I Am Good I Am A Simple Human Being I Am Not An Angel. I Do Sin, But I Am Not The Devil. I Am Just A Minute Girl In An Immensely Colossal World Endeavoring To Find Someone To Dote Me In My Life.

Everything In Your Life Is A Reflection Of A Cull You Have Made. If You Optate A Different Result, Make A Different Cull.

Music Is My Life But The Lyrics Are My Story.

Nobody Has An Impeccable Life. Everybody Has Their Own Quandaries.

Love With No Regrets Are Life…?

Who Are You To Judge The Life I Live? I?M Not Perfect And I Don’t Have To Be! Afore You Commence Pointing Fingers, Ascertain Your Hands Are Unsullied.

There Was A Time When We Used To Tell Friends: 'Lets Meet & Plan Something' And Now We Verbalize: Lets Plan And Meet Some Day'. Thats How The Life Change.

Life Always Offers You A Second Chance. It’s Called Tomorrow.

Life Is 10% Of What Transpires To You And 90% Of How You Respond To It.

Your Family, Friends, And Love.

Life Is Preparing You For A Moment That Is Yet To Come.

Don’t Ken What To Do With It. 

Do Not Take Life Too Solemnly. You Will Never Get Out Of It Alive.

I Have Found That If You Dote Your Life, Life Will Dote You Back.

Some People Just Ken How To Deal With Them Without Revealing It.

Life Will Dote You Back!

Life Is Consequential When You Have

Life Is About Laughing & Living.

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Awesome Life quotes For Whatsapp

I Do Not Regret About My Life. I Cerebrate That Everything That,

Life Is About Laughing & Living,

Life Always Offers You A Second Chance. It’s Called Tomorrow.

In Life You Can’t Learn Facilely.

Its Our Cull To Scream Or To Relish The Ride

Kill Tension Afore Tensions Kill You, Reach Your Goal Afore Goal Kicks You, Live Life Afore Life Leaves You.

There Comes A Point In Your Life When You Realize Who Authentically Matters In Your Life.

Are Not Worth The Astronomically Immense Ones.

Because In Life, There Are No Rewinds.

Its Too Hard To Stay Alone In Life.

Everyone Has Three Lives; A Public Life, A Private Life, And A Secret Life.

Life Is 10% What You Make It,

I Have Found That If You Dote Life, Life Will Dote You Always.

& Looking Back & Smiling.

In Good & Deplorable Times.

Every Single Thing That Has Ever Transpired In Your,

Feline Runs For Pabulum Rat Runs For Life. Always Recollect Purport Is
Yesterday Is Not Ours To Recuperate But Tomorrow Is Ours To Win In Life.

In Life Prosperity Always Hugs You In Private Place..

Life Is Like Race Between Feline & Rat. But Rat Mostly Wins Because
We Dote Life Not Because We Are Habituated To Living Because We Are Acclimated To Doting.

Everyone Wants Bliss, No One Wants Pain,

The People Who Do Not Appreciate Then Little Things Of Life,

I Have Found That If You Dote Life, Life Will Dote You Always.

Throughout Life People Will Make You Mad, Disrespect You, And Treat You Deplorable.
Life Dosent Always Give You The People You Optate , And Sometimes It Takes Away The People You Require The Most.

And 90% How You Take It.

Transpires To You Make You A Much More Vigorous Person.Live With No Exculpations And
Some Lamentable, But All Converge To Engender The Story Of Our Lives.

Best Friends Are The People In Your Life That Make You Laugh Laouder. Smile More Effulgent & Live Preponderant.

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Awesome Messages About Life

Be Free, Be Whatever You Optate To Be In Life.

Life Without Love Is Like A Tree Without Blossoms Or Fruits.

Every Second Is A Chance To Turn Your Life Around.

Prosperity Always Hugs You In Private… But Failure Always Slaps You In The Public ! That’s Life.

I Have Found That If You Dote Life,

Life Is Short Don’t Waste It Being Woeful., Be Blissful,

But Failure Always Slaps You In The Public.

Don’t Dream Your Life. Live Your Life & Your Dreams Supplementally.

Getting Through Whatever Comes Our Way

Relish Every Moment You Have,
Without Doing Mistake

Everyone Wants Ecstasy, No One Wants Pain, But You Can’t Make A Rainbow, Without A Little Rain.

Life Isn’t Hard. People With Their Needless Complications And Nonessential Lies Make It That Way.

But You Can’t Make A Rainbow, Without A Little Rain.

Recollect It’s Just A Lamentable Day, Not A Deplorable Life.

Life Is Pulchritudinous When We Are With Our Family.

Dote The Life You Live, And Live The Life You Dote.

Love. Prurience. Laugh. Lie. Lose. Loss. Edifications. The “7L” That Engendered “Life”
Your Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance, It Gets Better By Change.

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