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Hello, Friends Today I Am Going To Share With You A Miss U Status And Miss You Quotes In Hindi English. Missing You Status For GF And BF Is Also Given Below. Whatsapp And Facebook Are The Top Messaging Apps Or Site. Which Is Used By The Million Of User. All The People Share Their Felling On Facebook And Whatsapp. Missing Status For Her Him Is Given Below. Miss U Whatsapp Status For Friends Love Sad Is Collection Is Given Below. After Heart Touching Status & Motivational Status, Today We Are Sharing TOP Heart Touching Miss You Status With You. These Heart Touching Miss You Status Are Best Way To Tell You Loved Once How Much You Are Missing Them. Show You're Loved Once How Lonely You Feels & How Much Waited For Hugs & Kisses. 

Every day, I Fight The Urge To Text You Or Call You, Telling Myself That If You Wanted To Verbalize With Me, You Would
When We Are Together, Time Just Flies Away Like A Jet Plane. But When We Are Apart, I Can Feel Every Ticking Second Of The Clock Hammering A Nail In My Heart. I Miss You Girl.
The Scariest Thing About Cogitating Someone So Much Is That You?Ll Never Ken Whether They Contemplate You At All.
If You Obnubilate, I'll Seek For You. If You're Disoriented, I'll Probe For You. If You Depart, I'll Wait For You. If They Endeavor To Ta You Away From Me, I'll Fight For You. Because I Never Want To Lose Someone I Love
It’s Hard To Forget Someone Who Gave You So Much To Recollect.
I Still Miss Him, I Miss Him, I?M Missing Him.
I Miss You A Lot Baby, But Don't Worry. I'll Wait for No Matter How Long It Takes For You To Make Up Your Mind...
I Never Expect Other's To Miss Me.. But I Will Always Drop My Messages Into Their Inbox To Show: I Still "MISS" Them,With Or Without Their Replication..

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A Day Spent Away From You, Is As Good As A Day Not Worth Being Alive. I Miss You Girl.
A Fish Without Fins, A Bird Without Wings. A Crab Without Claws, A Feline Without Paws. Me Without You, You Without Me. I Miss You.
Afore I Slumber And After I Arouse And All The Hours In Between .. You Occupy My Mind. 
But I Will Never Forget Ur Voice. I Will Never Forget Our Love I Will Never Forget U.
Distances Are N0t A Matter, When The Mem0ries Are Saccharine Special Pe0ple Are Never F0rg0tten, B'c0z They Remain In " Heart Beats" :)
Don't Be Upset Because You Miss Something From Your Past, There Is Always A Reason Why It Didn't Make It Into Your Future.
Have You Ever Wished That There Was A Fairy Godmother Standing Contiguous To You Right Now, Waving Her Magic Wand, And Taking You To The Person You Miss The Most?
He Edified Me How To Love, But He Didn’t Edify Me How To Stop.
I Am Sitting Here Cerebrating Of How Much I Relished Our Last Moment Together And How Much I Can't Wait Until The Next.
I Did Three Things Today; Miss You, Miss You, And Miss You.
I Endeavor Not To Miss You, But In The Cessation, I Still Do.
I Have Been Diagnosed With The Pernicious I Miss You Syndrome Due To Which I Suffer From A Perpetual And Irreversible Incapacitation Of Missing You All The Time. I Miss You, Sweetheart.
I Hope You Forget Me But Ever Time I Missing You….
I Love And Miss You Very Much. Be Home Anon
I M Missing Someone A Ton And Don't Ken How To Make It Stop Or Get Over It Or Just Hold Out Hope.
I Might Have Expunged Ur-Text. But I Will Never Forget Wat U Indited. I May Never Visually Perceive You Again But I Will Never Forget Ur Picture. We Might Have Ceased Verbalizing. 
I Miss How We Used To Verbalize Every Minute Of Every Day & How I Was Able To Tell You Everything That Was On My Mind. I Miss Our Conversations.
I Miss Our Conversations I Miss How We Used To Verbalize Every Minute Of Every Day And How I Was Able To Tell You Everything That Was On My Mind.
I Miss You... And You Don't Even Realize I Will Love You Perpetually. Even If You Don't Love Me Back.
I Miss You When I'm Not With You. When I'm Not With You All I Do Is Contemplate You. When I Celebrate About You I Just Want To Be With You. And When I'm With You It's Like All Of My Dreams Have Come True. I Love You
I Operate I Was Osculating You In Lieu Of Missing You.
I Operate One Day You Will Miss Me Terribly That No Matter How Hard You Probe For Me, You Won't Find Me. Why? Because I Operate You To Miss Me The Way I'm Missing You Right Now
I Operate To Hold Your Hand, Hold You Close, Hug You Tightly, Kiss You On The Lips And Let You Repose Your
I Update My Mind Was Like A Computer And That, With One Click On The Expunge-Button, I Could Expunge You. Why The Hell I Miss You?
If You Ask How Much I Miss You, I Might Just Verbalize 'A Lot', Coz When You Are Away, I Feel So Solitary, I Endeavor To Be Okay, But I Cannot.
It's Mundane To Miss Someone When You're Solitary And Solitary. But Missing Someone When You're Diligent Having Fun, That's True Affection.
It’s Not Facile To Forget Everything About You When Everything Reminds Me Of You. Miss You :(
Just Because Two People Argue, It Does Not Mean They Don't Love Each Other. And Just Because They Don't Argue, It Does Not Mean They Do.
Just Because You  Make Incipient Friends Does Not Mean You Have To Expunge Old Ones.
M Sitting Here Cerebrating Of How Much I Relished Our Last Moment Together And How Much I Can't Wait Until The Next. I Love And Miss You Very Much. Be Home Anon
Miss The Little Things The Most, Like Just
Missing Someone Hurts, But What Hurts, Even More, Is Kenning That You’re The Reason That They’re Gone.
Missing Someone Is A Component Of Doting Them. If You're Never Apart Then You'll Never Ken How Vigorous Your Love Genuinely Is.
Missing You Can Turn From Pain To Gratify If I Kenned You Were Missing Me Adscititiously.
Missing You Is A Habit, Missing You Is An Addiction. Missing You Is A Compulsion, Missing You Is Desperation. I Miss You Girl.
Nights Have Become Sleepless And Days Have Become Somnolent Since You Have Peregrinated Away. I Miss You.
No Matter How Mature We Are, There's Always A Juvenile Side Of Us That Emerges From Us When We Are In Love ♥
No, I Am Not Okay? I Miss You.
Nothing Feels Better Than A Surprise Text From That Person You Miss. 
Recollecting Is Facile For Those Who Have Encephalon. But Forgetting Is Hard For Those Who Have Heart.
Recollections Play Very Perplexing Role. Make You Laugh When You Recollect The Time You Cried Together. But Make You Cry When You Recollect The Time You Laughed Together..!
So, Virtually Every Moment Of The Day You Are In My Celebrations. I Miss You.
Sometimes When I’m Sitting Here Cogitating You, I Wonder If You’re Adscititiously Sitting There Thinking about Me.
The Best Feeling In The World Is When You Celebrate That Someone Forgot You & Suddenly You Receive A Msg From That Person Verbally Expressing "Hey I Am Missing You Yaar."
The Most Terrible Thing About Missing You Is That I Miss You More When I Endeavor To Stop Missing You. I Miss You, Darling.
The ‘I Miss You’s,’ ‘I Love You’s,’ And ‘I Want To Be With You’s’ Will Never Amount To Genuinely Being With You Physically.
Today I M Feeling So Low As You Are Not With Me, I Miss U Every Moment Wherever I May Be I Miss You With Every Beat Of My Heart, No Doubt You Are The Only One Of Whom I Can Celebrate About..!!!!
When A Boy Verbalizes "I Miss You", He Has Nothing Else To Do When Girl Verbalizes "I Miss You", No One In This World Can Miss You More Than Her
When I Verbally Express That I Require You, It Genuinely Designates That I Require To Osculate You, Hug You And Cuddle With You To Wipe All My Sorrows Away. I Require You, Baby.
When The Night Has Come And The Land's Dark, When The Moon Is The Only Light We'll Visually Perceive, Visually Examine The Stars, Can You Count Them? I Miss You That Much.
When You Authentically Miss Someone, You
When You Physically Contacted My Hand For The First Time, I Wanted Nothing More Than To Hold It Perpetually.
You Ken What Is Authentically Hard For Someone? To Miss You, And To Realize That You Miss Someone Else.
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Moody You Can Get, How Hard You Are To Handle. But Still Wants You In His/Her Life.
I Don'T Breathe When We Are Apart? I Suffocate. I Miss You.
Generally, We Believe Our Recollection Is Impuissant. But, When We Optate To Forget Someone We Realize How Powerfull Our Recollection Is ..!!
To Me, You Are My Rose, Every Day When I Optically Discern A Beautiful Rose I Celebrate Of You, And Miss You, And Hope To Hold You In My Arms.
The Distance Between Us Is Nugatory Because In The Cessation, I Ken We'll Both Be Ecstatic In Each Others Arms. Aeonian.
I Will Wait... Till The Day I Can Forget YOU... Or The Day You Realize You Cannot Forget ME.
When I Miss You… I Read Your Old Messages :’)
I Operate I Could Wrap My Arms Around You And Hug You With All My Might So That You Can Feel The Loud Thumps Of My Solitary Heart. I Miss You.
You Make Me Feel Whole. When You? Re Not Around, I Feel Like A Component Of Me Is Missing.
I Don't Miss You, I Miss The Person I Cerebrated You Was.
I Love Hugging You But I Abhor Letting Go. I Love Saying Hello To You But I Abhor Saying Goodbye. I Love Optically Canvassing You Come Towards Me But I Abhor Optically Canvassing You Ambulate Away. I Miss You.
When You Love Someone, You Miss Them More, Cry When Their Not There And Fear The Worst When You Haven't Auricularly Discerned From Them...
I Keep Telling Myself That I Don’t Miss You And Don’t Love You, Hoping One Day I’ll Believe It.
Head On My Chest So That You Can Auricularly Discern My Heart Beat? Just For You. I Miss You.
I Miss You... I Don't Ken What Else There Is To Verbally Express.
Abaft My Smile Is Everything You? Ll Never Understand.
The Person Who Genuinely Loves You Optically Discerns What A Mess You Can Be, How 
I Still Miss Him, I Authentically Hate That...
Arbitrarily Recollecting Good Times And Smiling Like And Plonker?
I Arouse Wanting To Verbalize With You, I Go To Slumber Contemplating You, And I Dream About You Holding Me The Way Only You Do. I Miss You
Someone To Hug, Someone To Osculate, Someone To Verbalize With, Someone To Caress. Someone To Make Me Smile, Someone To Make Me Laugh, Someone To Love, Someone To Make Me Feel Consummate. You Are The Only Person Who Can Fill The Shoes Of All These Someones. I Miss You.
The Heart Wants What It Wants And I Can't Transmute That.
If Tears Can Prove The Depth Of Love, I Can Fill A Sea For U.
7 Billions of Peoples In The World But My Heart Loves Yew
I Miss You More Than The Sun Misses The Welkin At Night.
Celebrating Of You Every; Second, Minute, Hour, Day, Is Medication To My Illness Of Missing You.
Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, I’m Counting The Days Until I Can Determinately Visually Perceive You…
I Miss When We Were Proximate And Told Each Other Everything.
That Is A Punch In The Stomach.
You?Re So Facile To Be With And So Hard To Be Without. Always Missing You.
I’m Not Irate That You Won’t Come Back, I’m Woebegone Because I Keep Hoping You, Will.

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